Toddlers (18 months – 3 Years)

Seemingly intrigued by almost everything — from the sound of their parent’s voice to the way a ball rolls across the floor — toddlers possess a heightened need to explore and experiment, making this stage of early development an especially magical time here at Sunshine Starts. We delight in this time, structuring our toddler program to encourage each child while fostering confidence and independence.

Combining proven teaching methodologies with compassionate, gentle support, we immerse toddlers in a fun and inventive environment where they begin to learn colors, shapes, sounds, letters, and numbers. Your toddler’s childcare providers and instructors utilize age-appropriate lessons and activities to help develop cognitive, physical, and social skills. Using play-based learning protocols, we make education a part of your child’s everyday plan, giving them a solid foundation on which to build a lifelong love of learning.

From safe and secure classroom settings to wholesome nutrition plans, we have designed an all-encompassing plan for exceptional care for every child, allowing your family to truly experience the peace of mind that only comes from knowing your toddler is not only being lovingly cared for, but that they are also thriving in their environment.

To find out more about our unique approach to toddler care, contact the Sunshine Starts team now. We welcome your questions, comments, and concerns and promise a prompt, friendly response.

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Recognizing and encouraging even the smallest babies’ innate desire to learn, our experts personally engage with each student while encouraging fine and gross motor skill development.

Structured to serve the unique needs of growing babies, our pre-toddler classes encourage safe exploration and development of physical, emotional, mental, and social skills through play time.

The toddler stage requires more flexibility while encouraging independence in play-based learning. With safe and age-appropriate activities, every day offers new delights for our toddlers.

Combining and integrating a variety of lessons, your preschooler’s teachers will prepare your child for school using proven teaching methods that cultivate a fun learning environment.

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