First Week Back

Dear Sunshine Families,

First week back went great. As you might expect the number of students was low so everyone got some extra special one-on-one attention. While many things at Sunshine Starts have had to change in order to keep everyone as safe and healthy as possible, the love and care your children get when they’re here hasn’t. The teachers couldn’t be happier to see their kids back in the classrooms and even got emotional at times (don’t worry, they were happy tears). 

To see all the things we are doing to keep Sunshine Starts as safe as possible please see our update from last week

Some of you have expressed concern that we might close again given the very low number of students. Please rest assured that, barring being directed to close by healthcare officials, we will remain open. We closed the building in April, because the vast majority of our families chose to put their tuition on hold. The very few families that didn’t chose to un-enroll, a decision we completely understand given the health and financial uncertainty we are all facing right now. As soon as just a handful of our families expressed a need to resume childcare we quickly reopened. We realize that families that send children to childcare during this time are in almost all circumstances are doing so because they need to do so. It could be that the only other option is a family member in a high-risk category, or simply no other option at all. That is why we reopened. Rest assured that we will continue to remain open and provide childcare for those families that need it.